From rare grasslands, pine and aspen forests to tranquil lakes and granitewalled river gorges, the Cariboo’s distinctive landscape is as diverse as its mix of recreational and cultural attractions. Williams Lake is the “Shangri- La of mountain biking,” the Bowron Lakes canoe circuit one of the world’s top five. History buffs flock to the gold rush toIMG 119wn of Barkerville, a Canadian National Historic Site. Anglers find nirvana amidst the “Fishing Highway’s” myriad of lakes, and art lovers trek to the region’s most celebrated arts hub: the tiny heritage town of Wells. Winter options also abound, from dogsledding near 100 Mile House, to snowmobiling at Gold Bridge and ice fishing on numerous area lakes.

The communities in this region all have their own stories, characters, and enough unique aspects that set them apart from any othe region of the world. Their histories are tangled amongst one anothers’, and yet have enough differences to feel like they are worlds apart.  Explore the links on the right to scratch the surface.